When we were in Myrtle Beach we visited your shop.  It was during the hurricanes that we were having here in Florida. You were so very kind to give me a large assortment of candles, large and small to share with my neighbors. You went out of your way to help out people you don't even know and may never see again.  God bless you and your business.

Molly, Crescent City, FL

Candle Warmer Lamp

Candle Warmer Lamp
Price: $42.99
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Bronze base and stem.

The alternative to lighting a candle. When used with our soy lotion candles or wickless soy lotion tarts you will be able to enjoy the warm soy lotion almost immediately! Simply place your candle under the shade and the lamp melts from the top down. The scent is released within minutes. The base stays cool allowing the use of any type of candle container.