I was visiting my sister in South Carolina and wanted to tell you that we had an enjoyable experience shopping in your shop in Pawleys Island. Your saleswoman, ... was very helpful and informative. We loved shopping and complimenting the wonderful scents that you have on display.

Gloria, NY

Candlemakers Weekly Blend

Candlemakers Weekly Blend
Brand: Isle of Candles
Price: $18.99 $15.00
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After every pouring session we have little bits of fragranced soy that just wouldn't fit into the jars! But we don't like any waste! So we collect all of these "extras" and combine them to make our special one-of-kind blends. Each one smells slightly different depending on what we have been pouring. A mystery fragrance candle that will still leave you feeling relaxed and silky smooth.

Soy Lotion Candle in 9 ounce jar.  Burning time 40 plus hours.

Take a dip into our soy lotion candles for silky feeling skin! Our lotion candles are made from 100% pure soybean oil and are naturally rich in vitamin E.  As the Soy Lotion Candles melt they form a pool of warm soy oil. After extinguishing the flame you can safely dip your finger into the melted soy oil and use it as a moisturizing body lotion! Soothes dry damaged skin.

* Soy is a natural alternative to paraffin based waxes.
* Soy is environmentally friendly.
* Soy is a natural/renewal resource.
* Soy is biodegradable.
* Soy candles burn cooler, longer and cleaner than wax.
* Our soy candles do not contain petroleum, paraffin or beeswax product.
* Our soy candles are made from 100% U.S. Grown Soybeans.
* Our soy candles do not contain additives.
* Our soy candles are dye free.

Made by The Isle Co.

Pawleys Island, SC and Harrisonburg, VA