When we got hit with the recent blackout up here in New York I have to say my home smelled so good.  I had a little of the Vanilla candle left, lit that and survived the blackout.  Thank you for such a well made candle; and all candles are not created equal.  Yours are #1 in my home.

Marlene, Wingate, NY

Soy Lotion Melts

The alternative to lighting a candle.  Soy Lotion Melts are used with tealight or electric warmers.
Made from the same pure soy oil used in our Soy Lotion candles.  Available in 30 fragrances.

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Soy Lotion Melts
Soy Lotion Melts.  6 individual melts to a package.  Total weight 6 oz. The alterna..