I received my first two candles for Mother's Day and I just fell in love with them.  The fragrances of these candles are so outstanding.  At this time I was just diagnosed with Lyme disease and was on heavy medication.  I think those candles were just what I needed.  I also love to rub the warm soy oil on my cuticles and hands.  My nails have become very healthy and hard, which I can only think is the soy oil helping them.  

Marlene, Wingdale, NY

Soy Lotion Melts

The alternative to lighting a candle.  Soy Lotion Melts are used with tealight or electric warmers.
Made from the same pure soy oil used in our Soy Lotion candles.  Available in 30 fragrances.

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Soy Lotion Melts
Soy Lotion Melts.  6 individual melts to a package.  Total weight 6 oz. The alterna..