Hand-dipped Incense sticks.  10 to a pack

Wild Berry uses only the highest quality fragrances and a secret ingredient insures the fragrance stays fresh
and smells the same on the stick as it does when it burns.


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Incense - Chai Tea
Chai Tea A richly spiced black tea scent with notes of cinnamon, cardamom, fresh ginger and c..
Incense - Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian Cotton A crisp and refreshing fragrance with clean linen notes. ..
Incense - Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus A nuanced green eucalyptus fragrance with notes of camphor, shaved cedarwood, musk..
Incense - Fiesta Lime
Fiesta Lime A bright citrus fragrance with notes of sparkling lime, mandarin orange, ruby red..
Incense - Fresh Rain
Fresh Rain A clean crisp fragrance with notes of bergamot orange, fresh lemon, rose, lavender..
Incense - Havana Blue
Havana Blue A clean fresh fragrance with notes of jasmine, spicy lily, sweet herbs, luscious ..
Incense - Herbal Mist
Herbal Mist A clean musk scent with notes of lilac, valencia orange, water fern, lily spice, ..
Incense - Ocean Wind
Ocean Wind An invigorating citrus scent bursting with notes of fresh lime, tart grapefruit, w..
Incense - Patchouli
Patchouli A classic patchouli fragrance infused with notes of jasmine, soft musk, clean cedar..
Incense - Pounding Surf
Pounding Surf An exhilirating airy scent with bright notes of sea mineral, watery greens, whi..
Incense - Sandalwood
Sandalwood A lovely sandalwood scent with notes of shaved cedarwood, delicate rose petal and ..
Incense - Tranquility
Tranquility A relaxing citrus blend with notes of bright lemon, fresh lime, sandalwood and so..
Incense - Vanilla
Vanilla A warm vanilla fragrance with rich notes of vanilla bean, aged bourbon, and maple sug..
Incense - Yin Yang
Yin Yang A musky fragrance blend with notes of soft vanilla, sensual leather, woods and moss...
Incense - Zen
Zen A rich dark fragrance blend with relaxing notes of soft suede, sensual musk, woods and mo..
Incense Burner - Blue Moon
Blue Moon Blue glass ash catcher with moon design. Set of three. (10.5" long) ..
Incense Burner - Gold Glitter Boat
Gold Glitter Boat Gold glitter boat with leaf design, for sticks. (1.5" x 10.25") ..