Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really use the melted soy on my skin?

YES! All of our fragrances are approved for skin use according the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines.
Is the soy lotion candle hot?
NO! Soy candles burn cooler than wax candles and the oil will feel like a warm bath - but safety first - always extinguish the flame before dipping into the moisturizing soy oil!
How does the soy oil feel on your skin?
SILKY! Not waxy or sticky. Your skin will absorb a warm oil better than a cold lotion and the oil will penetrate deeply to help smooth and moisturize your body.
Can I use ANY soy candle on my skin?
NO! Not all soy candles are made with ingredients that are safe for skin use. At The Isle Co. we only use the purest ingredients in our soy lotion candles and they contain no additives or dyes. We use fragrances that are approved for skin use and we make sure to use them only in the appropriate skin-safe amount.
What should I use a soy lotion candle for?
Use it for ambiance or aromatherapy just like you would any other candle! You just have the added benefit of being able to use it for a body moisturizer, a cuticle treatment, a foot rub or a massage oil!
What can I do to prevent a candle from tunneling?
When you burn your candle be sure to let it burn until the entire surface is covered in melted soy oil. Soy has a memory and if you blow out your candle before the candle has burned long enough to melt across the entire surface the soy will remember and have a tendency to stop at that point the next time it is lit.
Why are your soy lotion candles white?
Our candles are natural in color and contain no dyes or additives. There are currently no natural dyes that are compatible with the cosmetic grade of soy we use in our lotion candles.
What would cause a candle to smell like smoke?
It is possible that some of the burnt wick has fallen into the melted oil. Take care when trimming the wick to the recommended 1/4-inch. To help alleviate this problem we sell a trimmer with a built-in tray that catches any burnt wick so it will not fall back into the candle.
What type of wicks do you use?
We use only non-toxic, lead-free cotton wicks.
Are the candles available wholesale?
Yes, to retail store and salon owners! Wholesale pricing is available for case and pallet lots. Our factory ships daily and most wholesale orders are filled within five business days. Please contact us for wholesale information.
Can you make candles for my bridal shower or other special event?
Yes! We can also help with special events such as weddings, baby showers or fundraisers. Please contact us for information about our volume or fundraising programs.